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Oh, hey! I’m Dana. I am a free-spirit with a true love for connection and raw emotion. That may be because I am actually a Play Therapist by day. Giving permission for people to be their most genuine selves is what I love most and when not creating that space as a clinician, I have found true enjoyment in capturing that from behind the camera.  I’ve been known to get caught up in the experience and have a passion for storytelling, so my photography is candid and emotive. I’m also a sucker for a gorgeous, natural backdrop so there’s nothing better than capturing an honest moment with a killer landscape. 

When I don’t have a camera in my hand or a client on the therapy couch, I’m busy being a Mom to twins and wife to my partner, Brandi. You can also find me decorating our home or researching our next spontaneous adventure. 

My Style

I consider myself to be a storyteller with a hint of portraiture and a dash of lifestyle photography.  My shooting style is true to life and my goal is help tell the story of your life. I thrive on capturing the essence of people's true selves in their intimate moments of connection. 


What You Can Expect

Here's what I love. I love to skip the awkward, weird phase and jump right into the part where you feel truly seen. Being seen can be super vulnerable, especially when the person who sees you has a camera in their hand. It's my job to make our time together feel chill and free from any pressure, Speaking of pressure. Let's talk about your goals. Now is the time to let go of any expectations, especially if you have a few little ones or some family members who aren't sharing in all of your excitement for our session. To start,  I can assure you that my camera's shutter speed is totally faster than your toddler. Most of our time together will focus on the candid engagements with an emphasis on connection. These moments don't always require you to stand still or smile in my direction. Rather, we privilege the importance of feeling at ease and open to being your most genuine self. The therapist in me lives and breathes for these moment, These moments are rooted in the letting go of expectations and stepping into a place of spontaneity. Lets bask in the golden hours of sunset (or sunrise) together and illustrate rich, authentic moments frozen in time. I look forward to our time together.

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